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Feeling stab-tacular - Child Free: Feminism [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Feeling stab-tacular [May. 6th, 2009|01:52 pm]
Child Free: Feminism


So, I know many people are annoyed by my feminist ramblings on reproductive rights, but too bad, you can always push the "back" button. Anyway, I have been doing some informal research on the cost of health insurance for my future tubal ligation, and I have found that on average, which pregnancy costs removed, women pay far more than men on health insurance. Now, this is understandable,​ as pregnancy and birth control can be very expensive, but perhaps things would be less expensive overall if those of us who will not be using our uterus' can just get sterilized.
Of course, this cannot be allowed because my poor little delicate mind cannot possibly make a decision about my body, so tubal ligation is either not covered, or is denied. How does this make sense? I cannot escape my uterus and the costs of it. And people wonder why I wish to become a man, no more gynecologists, pap smears, birth control, sterilization denials, breast exams, abstinence bullshit, slut-​shaming.​.​.​ why on earth would I ever choose to stay female?
Anyway, I am still on my quest for a sterilization. Perhaps then my future health insurance plans will cost me less, and I wont have to deal with gynecologists anymore. There seems to be no downside to tubal ligations... other than still being female.

[User Picture]From: bouncin_frog
2009-05-07 07:02 pm (UTC)

I Hear Ya

Those who ARE annoyed need to leave the group. It's not "the anti-feminists", though I really wonder w/the response to the earlier post. If the mod is one of them, they really should change the group's name.

I got insurance coverage to get a tubal but many of the providers listed on my insurance claimed they would either try talking me out of it or pulled "what if you change your mind" like it doesn't matter that I'm a full grown adult over the age of 21. I got a tubal at 26 & had to fight heavily to get one. One doctor openly lied about his willingness to do it (after I called various offices to prevent wasting my time & $) then tried billing me for coming in a second time after seeing us for about 20 minutes, in which time my husband & I did most of the talking. I told everyone that they'd have to take me to court + my insurance company would provide records for me (possibly take them off the list as well). The insurance company is one for city employees & their families. Oh, and this happened in Queens NYC of all places.

I found a doctor who's a top specialist in this country on tubal ligation surgery. I'm even a lawyer & own an entertainment company so you'd think no doctor would want to talk me into having kids since those areas are usually not child friendly.

I was about to lie to get one, say I had been abused by a family member or had multiple abortions or had something so awful, no reasonable person would encourage me to breed. If I have to lie to get medical services, what's the point of doctor-patient confidentiality? It's a total joke!
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