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The Hardest Job in the World [Oct. 17th, 2007|08:15 pm]
Child Free: Feminism


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I hear that sometimes from stay-at-home moms. "It's the hardest job in the world!"

BULL, I say. I know of a million harder jobs than making sure little Billy gets all of his vegetables for the day, harder than making sure little Jenny gets to school on time, harder even than driving the kidlets to soccer practice. Stay-at-home moms have got it bloody easy, I tell you.

Know what's a hard job? Firefighting. You run around in hot clothing doing extremely difficult and dangerous work in order to save the lives of others. You run around in a bloody inferno looking to make sure nobody else is stuck in there, then you douse it with a high-powered Hose of Doom.

Being a soldier in the Army. That's a hard job. My mum was in the Army for most of my life. She spent a year in Somalia, ran around southeast Asia trying to disarm landmines so people wouldn't get themselves hurt, and worked with psychological operations. She was also a drill sergeant for the latter part of her years in the Army. (She's a respiratory therapist now, which still seems like a pretty difficult job.)

Law-enforcement. Protecting people from crime and helping to solve crimes that have already happened. Being on a SWAT team and busting into the REALLY difficult criminals' places of residence. Processing scientific data to solve crimes from the past. Learning how to use firearms and other things to protect people.

Science careers, though they don't put one's life and limbs in danger, are pretty difficult, too, what with trying to solve the mysteries of the universe and improve life through finding cures for diseases and such. I'll bet anything that working as a physicist or a biologist is a hundred times more difficult than making sure you've packed Ashley's lunch for the field trip.

Doctors have it rough. They have to remember how to do all of these difficult medical procedures and deal with sick or injured people on a daily basis. And people with needle phobias. They do scientific and mathematical work, prescribe the proper medicines to fix our ailments, and everything else to keep us healthy or fix what's wrong with us. Quite a bit more difficult than making sure to drive Billy to a doctor when his nose is running.

And any job ever featured on Mike Rowe's show is pretty difficult, too.

After examining the challenges and complications of each job, you begin to see how easy being a stay-at-home mother is. It's not difficult at all--not compared to a woman who has the job of disarming landmines, or a guy who's trying to rescue people from a towering inferno in a skyscraper, or a team who's trying to find the cure for cancer. I'm sure that stay-at-home-mothering has its own challenges, but compare it to these other people who track down and arrest murderers or the people who have to remember which thing to cut and where when performing surgery. Stay-at-home moms have a walk in the freaking park (the trails of which I probably helped build when I was at work) compared to these people.

It is most certainly not the HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!!!11!1!1!!1

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