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why do you automatically become a 24-7 on call babysitter whenever a… - Child Free: Feminism [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Child Free: Feminism

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[May. 3rd, 2009|06:20 am]
Child Free: Feminism
why do you automatically become a 24-7 on call babysitter whenever a family member has a baby? my sister and her husband have a 2 year old daugher who i do love and she is adorable, but I have no interest in being responsible for her. friday night she called me and asked if we could babysit for her. i declined and told her we had plans that night which was technically true because our plans were to stay in for the night. she called me again saturday afternoon practically crying and begging for me to babysit for just a few hours because she neeeeded to get out of the house and she never gets a break. um, isnt that what happens when you have a baby? i told her i wasn't feeling up to it which is also true, and told her to call our mom. ugh.

look, i am so happy for you that after decades of fighting for our gender to not be reduced to baby-making housekeeping drones you still choose to put your degree to waste and quit your job to dedicate your life to a baby, but i am not here to do your dirty work just because you want a break from the choice YOU made. i dont see you coming to MY work to give ME a break when i dont feel like working anymore, so why should i do it for you just because you had a baby?

[User Picture]From: bouncin_frog
2009-05-07 06:49 pm (UTC)
Is this CHILD FREE feminism???? Sounds more anti-feminist to me.

Haven't you considered that colleges have limited seats and grad programs have even more limits on who they can take???

Take med school. Why give a residency and training to a woman who's not going to do anything except become a SAHM while turning down someone who might discover some new medical technique or create some new innovation woman #1 won't b/c she's too busy parenting? I'm a lawyer & most law firms assume ALL women are just going to leave the firm if they're married or have a baby; these people set back feminism by decades & make it harder for child free women to be taken seriously. Everyone hates the MRS degree seekers & all women were assumed to be doing it not very long ago.

Most of the women in my hometown are mothers but at least A) the majority don't shirk their responsibilities & B) none have taken away someone else's opportunity to go to college or grad school.
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